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April 19, 2019, 11:25:14 PM

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Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic Woman: Essence [new show idea]
« Last post by Jack1949 on Today at 01:07:16 PM »
Great work.
I love the idea of an Encore, just bakes it a better show, even if there are the same # of songs.

Jack D
Celtic Woman / Celtic Woman: Essence [new show idea]
« Last post by ShiningBright on Today at 11:58:32 AM »
Another show idea of mine, if you don't mind :)

For the first act, all wear lovely, light and bright green gowns. Mairéad's has off-the-shoulder sleeves/shashes, Megan's has long sleeves, Éabha's is sleeveles, but with floats from shoulders to wrists, Tara's has a sort of pinafore style (think Susan's yellow VoA dress) - all sleeves are semi-transparent and very sparkly. The dresses are generally very sparkly, with many stones and with wide, flowing fabrics. The dresses have a similar colour scheme and fabrics, but completely different styles/cuts. Méav's dress is a slightly darker, richer green, sleeveles, mermaid shaped, with golden and silver details.
The ceili dresses are very plain, white dresses with sweetheart necklines and no sleeves - ankle lenght for Tara, calf lenght for the others. Tara's dress has a silver sash/belt around the waist. Then for the rest of the intermission/early first act, the white skirts of the singers' dresses are changed to ankle lenght skirts in lavender/blue for Mairéad, soft yellow for Megan, and pale pink for Éabha, also with silver shashes/belts like Tara's. Tara's dress stays as it is. Then, they change into sparkly, beautiful gowns - all the same shape, but different colours. The skirts all keep the colours of the ceili dresses - but a lot brighter and richer shades. Tara's white has a slight silver shimmer. The tops are all very sparkly gold, and go down in a sort of star shaped style, with flowy, soft skirts that fall down fairly narrow, but swing extremely wide (due to the cut). Méav's dress is almost pure gold with various colours shimmering beneath it, with transparent sleeves and a wide skirt.

Inspired by Ancient Land and Believe - very Celtic, but also very lush. Beautiful, and detailed, but not over-the-top, with very nice, colourful, but elegant elements.

Musical style
True Celtic Woman - the perfect mix of Celtic, Classical, Contemporary, and Crossover. The arrangements are intricate, but not too heavy, and the styles of music overlap and interchance. The songs are arranged to suit the performers, and show off their ability. The tone is sweet and happy, at other times gentle and melancholy, never too poppy, but also never too blue. Like all Celtic Woman shows/albums it has its own sound, but if you'd want to compare it to older albums, it's more like A New Journey, or Emerald, or Ancient Land, compared to the others. If they have done the song before, the arrangement should be new. The intros of the opening and ceili songs are fairly short, even though I have put them seperately, and they don't really count as songs lenght wise - they can very well be merged as tracks with their counterparts. So does Be Still with Mo Ghile Mear.

Tara is playing her violin unless stated otherwise. Group means Mairéad, Éabha, Tara, and Megan. I mention Méav explicitly when she appears in a song.

[Original Violin Intro written by Gavin and/or Méav] - Tara
[Original Intro Song written by Gavin and/or Méav] - Group

Act I [green dresses]
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Méav, with the others joining in near the end [Tara singing]
Invitation - Tara
Early One Morning - Group
Lift the Wings - Éabha, Megan
The Trees They Grow So High - Mairéad
Down By The Salley Gardens - Megan, Tara [harp]
The Wild Mountainside - Group
Fuigfidh Mise an Baile Seo - Éabha
Dante's Prayer - Mairéad, Tara
Love's Old Sweet Song - Group and Méav

Intermission Part I [ceili dresses]
[New Original Ceili Intro written by Gavin and/or Méav] [can be based on a traditional] - Group with instruments
[New Original Ceili Song written by Gavin and/or Méav] [can be based on a traditional] - Group

Intermission Part II [extended ceili dresses]
Danny Boy - Group [Tara on harp]
All Things Bright and Beautiful - Group [Tara on harp]
An Maighdean Mara - Group [Tara singing] [acapella]

Act I
Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears - Group, Méav
Scarlet Ribbons - Mairéad
Tell Me What Love Is - Megan, Tara
Bunessan - Tara
The Mummer's Dance - Méav
Since You and I Were True - Éabha
The Soft Goodbye - Megan, Mairéad, Éabha
Be Still - Mairéad, Megan, Éabha
Mo Ghile Mear - Group, Méav
Celtic Prayer - Tara, Méav

The Parting Glass - Group
Encore: Spanish Lady/At the Ceili/Nil Se'n La - Group, Méav
Auctions and Fund raisers / Re: Fund raiser 2019
« Last post by Jack1949 on Today at 11:26:22 AM »
Glen, I decided to choose Mairead Carlin #2 for my 8 by 10 photo.
My address is:

Jack Donkewicz
1Black Hawk Circle, M17
Downingtown,Pa 19335

Thank you
Jack D
Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic Woman Specials Opening Numbers ranked
« Last post by CWazyTom on Today at 10:50:38 AM »
1. Homeland- Ancient Land
2. Mo Ghile Mear- Homecoming
3. Walking In the Air- Original
4. Awakening- Believe
5. The Call- SFTH
6. The Sky the Dawn & The Sun - ANJ
7. When You Go- Destiny
8. Carol of The Bells- ACC
9. Winter Wonderland- HFC
Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic Woman Specials Opening Numbers ranked
« Last post by ShiningBright on Today at 10:18:34 AM »
Oy, that's difficult. Let me try!

1. The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun
2. The Call
3. The Last Rose of Summer/Walking in the Air
4. Carol of the Bells
5. Awakening
6. Mo Ghile Mear
7. Winter Wonderland
8. Ancient Land/Homeland
9. Terloc's Dream/When You Go

This is not in relation to how much or in what order I like the special, nor do I like the lower placed songs any less. I'm not even sure if I am actually happy with this list as I just made it, but it's pretty much okay.
Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic Woman Specials Opening Numbers ranked
« Last post by rfcw on April 18, 2019, 09:48:15 PM »

1. The Call- SFTH
2. Homeland- Ancient Land
Walking In the Air- Original
3. Mo Ghile Mear- Homecoming
4. Awakening- Believe
Carol of The Bells- ACC
5. The Sky the Dawn & The Sun - ANJ
6. When You Go- Destiny
Winter Wonderland- HFC
Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic Woman Specials Opening Numbers ranked
« Last post by chandlermattson on April 18, 2019, 08:40:43 PM »
1.) The Call
2.) When You Go
3.) The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun
Auctions and Fund raisers / Re: Fund raiser 2019
« Last post by Kevin R.I. on April 18, 2019, 03:39:35 PM »
Thanks for doing this...I wish you had received more donations. I`ll try to send a little more in the near future.....just to help out with the site.  I PM`d the relevant info to you.....hope you can get through the next week okay...I know it`ll be difficult as I`ve gone through it.
Celtic Woman / Celtic Woman Specials Opening Numbers ranked
« Last post by rfcw on April 18, 2019, 03:13:09 PM »
Walking In the Air- Original
The Sky the Dawn & The Sun - ANJ
The Call- SFTH
Awakening- Believe
When You Go- Destiny
Mo Ghile Mear- Homecoming
Homeland- Ancient Land
Carol of The Bells- ACC
Winter Wonderland- HFC

Also if you wished another song was the opening number you can also put it along added so we can get a taste how if they went with it how would it effect the ranking.
Example - Follow Me- Ancient Land
This ranking is based on performance not on how many singers better looking dresses, best castle backdrop nope. 

#1 is Best
Auctions and Fund raisers / Re: Fund raiser 2019
« Last post by GlenS on April 18, 2019, 03:10:31 PM »
Ok here is what I have come up with for winners

Lubo gets the signed CD and some buttons

Jack gets a 8x10 your choice of girls one of the pictures below are what I have plus a few buttons

Dbbii Don gets a 8X10 my choice plus a few buttons

Kevin Gets a 4x6 photo plus a few buttons your choice of photos from the picture below sorry I only have Mairead and Sue in the 4x6 but they are signed

VegasDavid  David you get a 4x6 photo my choice and a few buttons

Everyone please pm me your mailing address's and choices
Lubo please put it in the format as it would be on a mailing

The top 2 photos are the 8x10 pick a girl and a number for Mairead and Sue and all you have to tell me is either eabha or Tara as these are the only photos I have from them

I will start getting these into the mail the end of next week as we have services for my father Tuesday

Thanks for all your donations they are a big help
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