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June 18, 2019, 11:53:09 PM

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It was so great to spend time with you and Gregg on most of Saturday and Sunday, experience the front row with you, and see your home!  Thanks for the hospitality.

Your high five at the end of Tip Tap Toe was epic.

P.S. I still have three May write-ups to do but I keep procrastinating.
Hey Everybody!  I’m getting caught up on my final show write-ups of the Ancient Land tour.  Gregg and I had quite the busy spring!  After the Rosemont show, the next show we went to was in Minneapolis on May 18th.  David flew out from Las Vegas for the show and we spent the weekend hanging out with him, which was a lot of fun.  We’ve been really enjoying meeting so many friends and going to shows together.  It just adds to the already awesome experience of a Celtic Woman show.

A few hours before the Minneapolis show, Gregg and I were wandering around the vicinity of the theatre, of course hoping to run into any of the ladies or band members, but we didn’t unfortunately.  The theatre connects to some restaurants and shops, so we were able to get into the lobby quite early.  When we stepped into the lobby, we were greeted with the sound of Mairead’s soaring voice singing Newgrange – we could hear sound check!  We then of course just hung out in the lobby listening.  In addition to Newgrange, we heard parts of Fields of Gold, Faith’s Song and Love and Honour.  The sound was crystal clear and we could hear perfectly even with the theatre doors closed.  So awesome!

After having dinner with David, my dad and his wife, the theatre was open.  We stopped to talk to James for the first time, telling him how much we’ve been enjoying the show and his dancing, and he thanked us.  Then we saw Carl and had to talk to him, as we had at each show of this tour so far.  He told us we were going to see some surprises in this show and then paused and said “wait, no, you probably know the show better than I do!”  I did know what he was referring to, which was Faith’s Song and County Down replacing Shenandoah and Ae Fond Kiss.  I laughed and told him that friends of mine had seen the show in the past couple of weeks and that I knew there were two new songs in it to which he replied “ok yeah, you already know!” Lol, it was such a fun little exchange.  Carl’s such a nice guy! He then pointed out another fan who he had been talking to before talking to us and asked if we knew the guy and we said we didn’t.  So Carl went and grabbed him and introduced us, saying “you need to meet Gregg and Tracie, they’re super fans too!”  I feel bad that I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he was really nice and told us about being at the Songs from the Heart filming and where we can see him in the dvd, and we told him about being at the Ancient Land filming.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoy meeting and talking with other fans, it’s such a blast!  My co-worker and her husband then arrived for their first Celtic Woman concert and were wanting to meet the performers, so I got Carl to come back over and meet them, which they really enjoyed.  With two co-workers, both of their husbands, my dad and his wife, I knew six people attending their first Celtic Woman concert that night!

Gregg, David and I had front row seats.  It was a really high stage, so we were lifting our necks up the whole time, but could still see just fine.  We started in the three end seats of the front row, but at intermission we were able to move to three seats in the center since two people hadn’t shown up and another couple slid down to let the three of us take the center seats.  That turned into our first time sitting front row center and it was awesome!  As usual when we sit so close to the front, the ladies were looking right at us, smiling and nodding all throughout the show.  They seem to really enjoy watching us sing along with the songs, Mairead in particular.  She kept watching us with the biggest smile on her face.  We were also doing a bit of dancing, including me doing the little finger wave to “she can go back to her mother” during Bean Phaidin, which just about had Mairead and Carl busting out laughing.  We love interacting with the performers like that during the shows and love seeing their reactions to how much we are enjoying the show.  It’s so much fun and makes front row so incredibly appealing!  After Tip Tap Toe, we were giving a standing ovation (which we did for just about every song) and James ran up to the front of the stage and gave us high fives.  So awesome!  We absolutely loved hearing County Down and Faith’s Song, having not heard them live since Johnstown Castle.  Both were stellar.  I also really loved hearing the story behind County Down, which brought new meaning of the lyrics to me.  Mairead introduced the song saying that during the troubles in Northern Ireland, there wasn’t much work for men, so many moved to England, Australia, USA, etc in search of work.  County Down is about a mother whose son moved to London to find work and she’s wanting him to come back home. 

As always, everything about the show was absolutely phenomenal.  Gregg and I had been really looking forward to the Minneapolis show since first finding out about it, hoping that the crowd would be as roaring loud and appreciative of these amazing ladies as they were during the Voices of Angels show.  I am thrilled to report that the Minneapolis crowd was every bit as incredible as they were two years ago!  The roaring started right when the band stepped on stage to begin the show and it never stopped.  Fantastic cheering and applause for every song and clapping along loudly in all appropriate places.  We weren’t in any dull audiences on this Ancient Land tour like a couple that we have been in past years, but the Minneapolis crowd is something extra special.  It’s so much fun to be part of that roaring group.  After The Kesh Inn, there was a standing ovation that went on and on and on, prompting the ladies to ask everybody to sit back down.  It was so awesome!  When the crowd settled after quite a long time, Mairead said “we need to tell you something – Minneapolis wins the award for best audience!” which re-ignited the standing ovation.  They then were saying how they were talking backstage about how electric the audience was and how much they always love coming to Minneapolis because they always get this kind of reception here.  With this being our fifth show of the Ancient Land tour, we knew that this was unique and that they don’t say things like that to every audience, which made it more special.  If anybody reading this wants to come experience it with us, I’m very hopeful next year’s tour will have a Minneapolis show again and would love to go with more friends!

After the show, we went out to the stage door and met up with the other people I knew who were attending their first Celtic Woman show.  They all loved it and all said it won’t be their last!  Megan came out and we got to take pictures with her and I told her how much we loved hearing Faith’s Song.  Megan then went back inside and a security guard told us to go down the street and around the corner because the girls were going to come out a different door.  Thank you security guard!  So much better than the one in Rosemont who wouldn’t even let us wait at the stage door.  So we went down there and then Megan and Tara came out a back door together.  Megan asked us if we enjoyed the show and we were like, of course!  I told Tara how much I loved the show and she said “thank you so much for coming to see us again!”  She then said “you’re coming to Red Rocks, right?” which we confirmed and said we had meet and greet there.  Eabha walked by and I said again how much we loved the show and she thanked us and got on the bus.  They seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, which made sense because they had about a 10 hour drive to the next day’s show and it was a matinee, so they’d be driving all night and heading straight to a show pretty much.  But then Mairead came out and hung out for a while, which was so much fun!  She chatted with another fan first and then turned to me and Gregg, looked at me and opened her arms for a hug.  Ummmmm, yes I want to hug you Mairead!  I love that she initiated the hug!  I told her how much I loved hearing County Down and that it was so beautiful.  I said I had a question for her and asked if I could hear her songs for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings somewhere or if they were in the movies (the previous night, she had been on instagram talking about singing for those movies).  She said the songs are in the movies and that she was part of a 15 person choir.  Cool!  I told her I love to hear anything with her voice it in and she thanked me.  Then Gregg said how excited we are for her album and she thanked him and said it’ll be an EP and that she’ll be recording it in July.  By this point, everybody who was out there had formed a semi-circle around her and she was chatting with everybody at once.  We had such a good time and it was so cool that she just hung out with us for so long!  We got pictures with her also, which came out so good!  My co-worker and her husband who were wanting to meet some of them were out there, but I think were nervous for a meeting and were standing way back.  I called them up and told Mairead they wanted to meet her and they got to chat with her.  She asked them if it was their first Celtic Woman show and they said it was, but that it won’t be their last and told her it was incredible.  They told me later how much they enjoyed meeting her and that they want to do more stage door meetings in the future.  Of course I’ll do that with them!  Before Mairead left, we said we’d see her again next week at Red Rocks!  It was such an awesome stage door meeting, we really loved it.

Afterwards, a group of us including David, my co-worker and her husband, and a couple of other fans who I met for the first time that night at the stage door, all went to a nearby Irish pub that had a live Irish band.  We had so much fun talking about how amazing the show was and our stage door meetings.  I really love meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people through our mutual love of Celtic Woman music.  It was a great way to end a fabulous night!
This one got way longer than I thought it would, so if you made it all the way to the end, thanks for reading!  Our next and final show of the Ancient Land tour was Red Rocks, so that’ll be my next write-up.  I’ll try to get it written soon, we just always have so much stuff going on - sorry for the delays!
Alex Sharpe / Alex's "Wedding Song" on vinyl
« Last post by CWazyTom on Today at 06:47:26 PM »
Alex has a limited number of vinyl copies available of her recording of "Wedding Song"

She posted this on Facebook:

Hey folks! here is the link to grab your copy of the 'Wedding Song' on white vinyl.
I am giving them away for free and only charging for postage and packaging $7.00
There are only 35 left so I am limiting purchases to one per person.
Inside you will find a card with a link to your free digital download.
Caranua / First Official CaraNua Album
« Last post by CWazyTom on Today at 03:05:48 PM »
Lynn says the first official CaraNua album is completed and should be available in about 2 weeks!

Favorite Hymns was technically a Jason Tonioli album and the Evermore soundtracks just featured CaraNua.
Mairead Nesbitt / Re: Celtic Heart CD / DVD / PBS special release date
« Last post by CWazyTom on June 17, 2019, 06:39:54 PM »
Update from the Harp Twins on the PBS special:

Some additional PBS stations will be airing Celtic Heart this August/September!
Alex Sharpe / Re: Alex EP
« Last post by Tiffany Gray on June 17, 2019, 01:54:51 AM »
Links / Re: CW-CT.com
« Last post by CWazyTom on June 16, 2019, 01:53:50 PM »
I'm still not able to access the site, so I take it you've either been really busy or there there were some difficulties getting this re-launched...
Caranua / Re: All About CaraNua
« Last post by CWazyTom on June 16, 2019, 01:14:04 PM »
Alex mentioned that that their group name was originally going to be Cara, but they found an Irish music group that already used that name.

So Lynn suggested CaraNua and the motion carried.
Alex Sharpe / Re: Alex EP
« Last post by CWazyTom on June 16, 2019, 01:10:21 PM »
Alex mentioned that one of the songs on her new EP will be Atlantic Sky!

Alex is hoping to release the album in July around the same time as the CaraNua album releases.
Alex news / Re: Shine Studio of Performing Arts
« Last post by CWazyTom on June 16, 2019, 01:02:28 PM »
Alex's studio opens officially in September.
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