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Eabha McMahon / Eabha's patreon page
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:27:03 PM »
Eabha launched a patreon page today! Patreon is an online community where Eabha can share content with her fans, and we fans can support her as an artist. She has five different tiers of support to choose from, with the benefits increasing at each level. Go check it out! I'm super excited to see what all she'll do on there!


calendar / 2021-08-22 Celtic Woman (Killarney, Ireland)
« on: June 27, 2020, 12:27:22 AM »
August 20, 21 & 22, 2021
Celtic Woman
INEC Gleneagle
Killarney, Ireland


calendar / 2021-08-21 Celtic Woman (Killarney, Ireland)
« on: June 27, 2020, 12:25:24 AM »
August 20, 21 & 22, 2021
Celtic Woman
INEC Gleneagle
Killarney, Ireland


calendar / 2021-08-20 Celtic Woman (Killarney, Ireland)
« on: June 27, 2020, 12:22:32 AM »
August 20, 21 & 22, 2021
Celtic Woman
INEC Gleneagle
Killarney, Ireland


Tara McNeill / Tara's Tunes video series
« on: March 29, 2020, 01:53:58 PM »
Tara is starting a video series that she's calling Tara's Tunes. The first video is of Touch The Sky from Brave and has Tara both singing and playing violin, and her husband Alex on piano. So beautiful!


Mairead Carlin / Shall We Duo: Mairead & Ronan
« on: March 29, 2020, 01:50:31 PM »
Mairead & Ronan posted a duet cover of A Million Reasons on a new instagram page they created @shallwemusic. Mairead has also posted it on facebook. Go check it out, it's sooooo gorgeous!


Celebration's on Tour / Tracie & Gregg's Florida Celebration shows
« on: March 15, 2020, 11:22:31 PM »
Gregg and I took a Florida vacation and attended five of the first six Celebration shows.  We had been wanting to attend opening night of the tour so that we could be as spoiler-free as possible, going into the show without knowing the setlist or the new dresses.  We absolutely loved being surprised like that, so I think opening night will continue to happen for us as much as possible.  The shows in Florida are also in very close proximity to one another, allowing us to see five shows for the cost of just one flight and one rental vehicle.  Going to Florida also had the unexpected perks of getting to meet Meav, who I would assume only attends a handful of shows at the beginning of each tour, and actually getting to see five shows before the coronavirus caused the rest of the tour to be postponed.  The only things we didn't get were to see Susan, which we had scheduled for the end of March, and we didn't get an official meet and greet for photos with the ladies in their gorgeous new dresses, which we had two purchased for later in the tour.  One meet and greet would have been with Susan at the end of March and the other with Chloe at the end of May.  But we are so lucky that we did get to see the new Celebration show and I feel very sad for those who were wanting to see it.  Hopefully the rescheduled tour dates work out for everybody when they come out.  In the meantime, here's my Celebration show write-up song by song, along with some notes from our stage door and lobby meetings.  The setlist stayed the same for all five shows we went to.  It's an incredibly gorgeous show, filled with multiple jaw-droppers.  As always, we loved the show more than we could ever fully put into words!

Homecoming Lament - the show begins with a curtain down at the front, making it so the audience can't see the stage design or the band.  The music starts and spotlights on the curtains create shadows of Darragh playing the uillean pipe.  The curtain stays down for the entire song and when the song ends, there's a dramatic long pause and then the curtain quickly drops to reveal the four ladies on stage starting Mo Ghile Mear.  This is an absolutely stunning start to the show and I hope they keep it.  Tara asked me what I thought of the curtain drop and I told her it's so cool and I loved it!

Mo Ghile Mear - this is the Homecoming version of the song with the extended Tara solo parts.  Some of the choreography was the same or similar to what they had done in the Voices of Angels and Homecoming tours and some was new.  This was one of the songs that I had been hoping would return and I was thrilled to hear it live again.

Follow Me - they go straight into Follow Me before talking to the audience, again with some of the same or similar choreography to what they had done in the Ancient Land tour and some new.  I like how they have three male dancers/choir members to go with the three lead singers.  According to what Ronan told us in the lobby on opening night, they were originally going to have just Carl and Colm, but they called him to join about a month before the tour started.  It was interesting in Follow Me that it was the only choreographed song in which Mairead was not paired with Ronan.  Also interesting in our third show to see that they changed the choreography to Follow Me a bit, removing a part in which the guys and ladies stand back to back and then spin around each other.  Love this song, glad they brought it back from Ancient Land.

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears (Chloe solo) - after Follow Me, Mairead introduces Chloe, saying that they are thrilled to share the stage with her and once a Celtic Woman, always a Celtic Woman.  Chloe then introduces the song, saying that she loves songs like this that tell a good story.  She also tells us that she has gotten her permanent resident green card and jokes that she should sing the national anthem.  Towards the end of the song, she requests that the audience sing along, which got decent response at each of the shows we went to.  Beautifully performed song.

Dulaman (Mairead solo) - Mairead's crystal clear voice is on full display in this song and I always love hearing them sing in Gaelic.  The part where Mairead is lifted off the step and onto the stage is even more epic in this tour, with the guys lifting her even higher up than they used to and carrying her all the way to the front of the stage.  She flies!

I See Fire (Megan solo) - Megan coming on stage on opening night and singing the first few words of I See Fire was probably the biggest surprise of the entire show to me.  I had been hoping for this song to return, but never thought someone other than Mairead would sing it.  Megan gives a beautiful performance.  There is one line where the words are changed from "watch the flames climb high for the last time" to "raise a glass of wine for the last time".  It was very cool the way they had images of flames going up on the screen each time the words "I see fire" were sung.

Across The World (Tara solo) - this song is as playful and fun as ever, with the audience clapping along as Tara dances around the stage.  Always love this one!

Isle of Innisfree (Mairead & Tara duet) - Mairead tells the story behind this song and then she and Tara give a gorgeous performance.  The song is only Mairead's voice and Tara's harp, which is so beautiful.  I really hope they record this duet for an album, I loved it!

Amazing Grace - this is one of just two songs that has been in every show I have attended.  Going into opening night, we were curious as to who would begin the vocals in the song.  It's still Megan starting this one, with Chloe joining in second and then Mairead and Tara.  On opening night, we told John about the box seats that we had for night two and said he should come play Amazing Grace up there.  He didn't, but told us afterwards that he checked it out and parts of the audience wouldn't have been able to see him there.  Bummer, that would have been cool!

Over The Rainbow (Mairead & Megan duet) - after Isle of Innisfree, I was then expecting a Megan & Chloe duet, so this one surprised me.  Megan introduces the song saying that she watched the Slane Castle performance of it and it's a dream come true for her to now get to perform it.  It's the same jaw-dropping stunner that we first heard at Johnstown Castle and is still as gorgeous as ever.

Three’s Company (drums & dancers) – this one begins with Caitriona and Kieran, then John joins in, then Carl and Colm.  It’s still a lot of fun and they kept the part from Ancient Land’s Tip Tap Toe where Carl and Colm do handstands.  The audience always loves this one and claps and cheers along with the dancing.

The Kesh Inn (Tara & band) – they changed The Kesh Inn a bit on this tour, having only Tara on stage of the four ladies, plus the entire band on a whole variety of instruments.  Tara is in her ceili dress for this one.  This is another one that’s always an audience pleaser, with people clapping along and cheering at the dancing.  At the very end of the song, Tara does some fun dance moves.  She and I even did it together at one of the stage doors (not that I knew what I was doing, lol) when I was telling her I enjoyed her dance moves, so that was super fun too!

Teir Abhaile Riu – a very fun ceili song to end the first act.  I had been hoping to see the Believe version of this song live and this was the Voices of Angels version, but I still love it!  The choreography to this one was such a joy to watch and includes a part where the guys pick up the ladies and spin them around a couple of times.  Tara is also doing the choreography along with them while also playing violin, which was quite impressive to watch.  I really enjoyed this song as the first act closer.

Orinoco Flow – I love this song as the second act opener!  It’s the Ancient Land version with almost all new choreography.  It’s funny though, even though I’ve seen Celebration the most recently, I still see the Ancient Land choreography in my mind when I listen to the song.  Tara uses her pink violin bow (Pinky!) during this song, which I actually didn’t catch until she asked me at a stage door if I had noticed it.  She then told me to look for it in Orinoco Flow and in the next show we were sitting front row and I pointed out to her that I saw it, which got a big smile from her and she turned the bow so I could see even more of it.  Interaction like that is one of the huge draws to the front row seats that Gregg & I love so much!

When You Believe (Chloe solo) – this song seems to have even more meaning now “in this time of fear” with the coronavirus.  Chloe sang it gorgeously and it kicked off the multiple second act songs that left us in stunned awe.

Nella Fantasia (Mairead solo) – Mairead’s stunningly gorgeous classical voice is perfection.  I watch this one with my jaw on the floor every time, even when I already know she’s going to make my jaw drop.  Sensational!  I also told her at a stage door how incredibly gorgeous it was and she had a very shy look on her face.  I truly mean it Mairead, you’re amazing!

The Voice (Megan solo) – yet another jaw-dropping stunner.  Megan absolutely owned this song.  We told her at a stage door how much we loved it and she said she loves it too and loves the vocal depth in the song.  It’s incredible!

Skyrim (Tara solo) – this is another one that surprised me, because at this point in the show I was expecting Tara’s next solo to be one of her gorgeous slow songs (I had been hoping For The Love Of A Princess would be on this tour).  Skyrim was great and I like Ronan’s backing vocals in it, but Tara’s incredible ability to move me to tears of joy with her amazing slow songs is one thing I really missed in Celebration.

May It Be (Mairead, Megan & Chloe) – let me start off by saying, WOW! This song is so incredibly beautiful and moving beyond anything I can put into words.  Another one that sent our jaws to the floor, plus it put tears in our eyes.  Most of the song is sung acapella, with some instrumental added late in the song.  Parts of it have Mairead singing a stunning note behind the vocals that Megan and Chloe are singing.  It honestly is difficult to even put into words how gorgeous it was.  When we were walking out of the venue from opening night, Gregg, Tom & I all said that this was our favorite song of the show and that it had cracked all of our top five favorite ever Celtic Woman songs lists.  Here’s a really interesting note though – between the three of us chatting with different people, we told Mairead, Megan, Meav and Ronan how much we loved this one and they all responded by saying things such as that they didn’t think we would like it and that they didn’t think they had it nailed down yet.  Is it even possible to make this one more amazing and perfect!?  Please record this one ladies!   

Sive – this one’s always fun and I love the Gaelic.  After the song, Tara explains that it’s about a fisherman who is trying to impress the lady he fancies by showing off his strength and his “mad skills”.  Hahaha, fabulous!

Danny Boy – this is the second of the two songs that has been in every show I have attended.  After attending many shows with Mairead introducing this song by saying that the Muppets sing it better (I still get a kick out of that), they changed it up for Celebration by having Tara introduce it, saying that they look forward to performing it every night and that the performance comes from their hearts and souls.  Yes, it absolutely does.  Gorgeous as always.

The Enchanted Way (Tara & dancers) – this one is so much fun and I’m really glad they kept it from Ancient Land.  Another crowd pleaser that gets the audience clapping along.  The Celebration show has an amazing mix of fun clap-along songs like this combined with gorgeous jaw-droppers.

You Raise Me Up – it’s been awhile since I had seen this one live and it returns in stunning fashion.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The first couple of nights, they played a tribute video in the background that shows pictures throughout the years of Celtic Woman (this tribute video is played at the start of the new Best of Celtic Woman PBS special as well).  After a couple of shows, they reduced the length of it to only play at the very end of the song.  From what I’ve heard, it later got removed entirely.  I’m not sure why, because it had great emotional impact seeing it play while the song was performed to perfection.  This song got much deserved massive standing ovations in a few of the shows we were at (should have been all of them, but a couple of the crowds were kind of dull).

The Parting Glass – of course the show finale is The Parting Glass.  This song is so beautiful, yet hearing it means we’ve reached the end of an amazing night.  Afterwards, the ladies briefly leave the stage and then come back out to introduce the band.  Then on the first night, a recording played to introduce the ladies, but starting on the second night, they removed the recording and had Ronan introduce them instead.  I like that they brought back these introductions that they had removed from Ancient Land so they can take their much deserved bows.

So that’s the phenomenal Celebration show that I hope you all get a chance to see at some point!  I will certainly go see it again and already have tickets for five more shows whenever they get rescheduled.  We loved it in Florida, plus we had two amazing nights at the stage doors in Fort Myers and Sarasota!  Some of the additional stage door highlights that I didn’t already put in the show description were Megan telling us at the first one that they are lucky to have us as fans (awwww!) and at the second one that they appreciate all the support we give them so much.  I had pretty lengthy conversations with Tara both nights, including her asking lots of questions about what we liked in the new show and her wanting to know about my job, which I think is very cool that she wanted to know more personal things about me.  Mairead told me for the third time how much she likes my hair (I must have great hair!) and she remembered that we live in Minnesota.  Once we had met Chloe for the first time, at the very next show she was smiling and waving to us in the audience and then calling us by name at the next stage door.  She also told us that she loves how much we are obviously enjoying ourselves in the audience and that when they see it from the stage, it makes them more energized.  We unexpectedly met Meav and got to tell her that we’ve listened to the music for many years, how much we love it, and how amazing the ladies are.  Caitriona told us that with how many shows we go to, we may as well just ride on the bus with them.  Ummmm ok, not gonna turn that down!  Lol!  We talked quite a bit to both Ronan and Carl in the lobbies throughout the five shows.  It was so sweet how Ronan told us how happy he was to be on the road with Mairead and to get to dance with her every night.  The night we had box seats, both Megan and Chloe waved up to us.  I did have one show where I sat in the balcony to see the choreography from up there, which I like doing every once in awhile, but Gregg doesn’t.  Ronan told me he spotted Gregg in his 4th row seat that night and was fascinated by my explanation of why Gregg and I sit separately sometimes.  I’ll continue to get a balcony seat probably once per tour, but nothing compares to sitting where they can see us, smile at us, wave to us, and interact with us throughout the show.  Love it so much!   

Other than the shows, we also enjoyed going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (that place is amazing!), seeing our team the Minnesota Twins play a spring training baseball game against the Red Sox, walking the Tampa Riverwalk, and visiting with my cousin, who lives in Fort Myers and went to that show with us.  So glad we went on this Celebration vacation!

Celebration's on Tour / Celebration tour setlist (SPOILERS)
« on: February 27, 2020, 11:41:13 PM »
Opening night was incredible! The entire show is one jaw-dropping stunner after another! Gregg, Tom and I loved it so much! Tonight's setlist:

Act 1:
Homecoming Lament
Mo Ghile Mear (Homecoming version)
Follow Me
Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears (Chloe solo)
Dulaman (Mairead solo)
I See Fire (Megan solo)
Across The World (Tara solo)
Isle Of Innisfree (Mairead & Tara duet with Tara on harp)
Amazing Grace
Over The Rainbow (Mairead & Megan duet)
Three's Company (dancers & drums)
The Kesh Inn (Tara & band)
Teir Abhaile Riu (Voices of Angels version)

Act 2:
Orinoco Flow (Ancient Land version)
When You Believe (Chloe solo)
Nella Fantasia (Mairead solo)
The Voice (Megan solo)
Skyrim (Tara solo)
May It Be (Mairead, Megan & Chloe)
Danny Boy
The Enchanted Way (Tara & dancers)
You Raise Me Up
The Parting Glass

Celtic Woman / The Best of Celtic Woman PBS special
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:42:13 PM »
My local PBS has The Best of Celtic Woman in the listings. It's described as a special for their 15 year anniversary and sounds like a compilation. Here's the listing:


Gregg and I saw the Magic of Christmas tour twice last weekend, in Prior Lake, MN and Denver, CO, and we'll still be seeing the final two shows of the tour next weekend.  We had an absolutely incredible time seeing the shows, talking with the ladies, and being with our friends, so let's get started on writing up our experiences!

First of all, the show is mind-blowingly amazing! I go into every show expecting to be blown away and every time they have somehow even surpassed my incredibly high expectations.  These ladies are truly sensational.  I could rave on and on about how phenomenal they are, so if you have the means to get to one of the shows in this final week of the tour, do it! The music is so beautifully performed and the show is incredibly fun. The setlist includes nearly all of the Magic of Christmas album, minus Amid the Falling Snow (which we heard was in the show earlier in the tour, so bummer!) and minus Wexford Carol.  In addition to the 13 album songs were group songs Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Joy to the World, Danny Boy, Amazing Grace, Ding Dong Merrily on High (with a bit of It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas intro), the orchestra performing Murphy's Mistletoe, and solos We Three Kings (Mairead), White Christmas (Eabha), The Kesh Inn (Tara, with a lead-in of Silent Night), and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Megan).  At my first show in Prior Lake, I literally watched the entire show with my jaw hanging open in complete awe.  Every song was so gorgeous!  A few notes about the show: during Angels We Have Heard on High towards the end where they use a choir on the album, in the show they had Eabha and Megan harmonize while Mairead sang opposite them.  Oh my goodness, it was amazing! For Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, it's just the four of them with Ronan on piano. That one put tears in my eyes both nights. Deck The Halls has such a fun intro, with Tara teaching the very difficult ancient lyrics "fa la la la la" to the audience and then is a very fun sing-along. At the end of that one in Prior Lake, the audience sang the final "la" before the ladies did, like how on the album there's the pause. Mairead shook her finger at the audience like, nope wrong, and then belted out the final "la" in her perfect gorgeous voice. I loved that! That one is followed immediately by Feliz Navidad, which they also request to be an audience sing-along. At the Denver show, Tara pointed her bow right at me like "go Tracie!" and gave me a huge smile, which I loved.

We were in third row in Prior Lake and front row in Denver, so they could see us both nights and we got lots of smiles from them.  The Prior Lake show omitted Murphy's Mistletoe, Ding Dong Merrily on High, and had no intermission, which we found out from our friend Sarah afterwards is because it was in a casino and they are given strict time limits from casinos. Well, good thing we have three other shows on the tour to see the additional songs! We're also going to try to request Amid the Falling Snow to be added back in next weekend. I would love to see that one live! Our front row center seats with a very low stage made the Denver show feel even more personal, plus that we were sitting with three amazing friends, David, Rachel & Tom. We got so many smiles from the ladies, especially at our santa hats and when we all linked our pinkies and swayed to Auld Lang Syne. They loved it! The Prior Lake show was just 5 miles from our house and we had numerous friends, family members and co-workers attend the show from our recommendation. Many of them had never seen Celtic Woman live before but no joke, every single one of them came to us after the show and said "WOW!" Some of them immediately bought tickets to the spring tour. We really love sharing the amazing music and shows with others. Also at the Prior Lake show were Sarah and James, who we had previously met at the stage door for Ancient Land (Sarah is such a great friend!), and new friend Devin, who we met because he messaged me a few weeks ago asking how to meet the ladies, having seen my pictures on facebook. I gave him lots of tips and he got his first stage door meeting with us after this show, so let's get into the meetings portion of this write-up!

Gregg and I kicked off the weekend by going to the Prior Lake venue the night before the show. It was inside a large casino just 5 miles from our house. We went to pick out a restaurant to eat at before the show, to check out the stage door, and thought it would be cool if we ran into any of them since they were already in town for a day off. We were eating dinner in a café and who happened to walk up to the ice cream shop across from it? Eabha and Megan! We chatted with them a little bit and they were excited that the show was sold out and that we were bringing so many people. We seriously have the most ridiculous luck in meeting them in places that are not an official meet and greet or a stage door. We were guessing they would be staying in the hotel inside the casino, but it's still pretty unlikely that we'd actually run into them there. The place is huge!

Before the Prior Lake show, we talked to John in the lobby (he was selling programs). We told him how much we always love the show and how awesome it was at Red Rocks when he climbed up onto the rock during Amazing Grace. After the show, it was quite an adventure getting to the stage door. First, everybody we knew at the show wanted to talk to us in the lobby and take pictures with us, have us wait while they purchased Magic of Christmas CDs, etc. Then we had to walk out through the casino, get into our vehicle and drive to what we were only guessing was the stage door, but we weren't really sure. It was probably at least 45 minutes after the show had ended at this point and we were figuring we had already missed them. But Devin found the correct stage door and messaged me where to go and that he had talked to Lloyd and he said the ladies hadn't come out yet. We drove over to the correct spot and then waited probably another 10 minutes or so until they came out. I told Lloyd that I love how he's always smiling at us when we sit right up front (he loves watching us sing and dance along on the spring tours!) and he said he can always see us. He also said he and John would be flying to Denver the next day, which Gregg and I were also doing, but that everybody else was taking the bus. Mairead, Eabha and Megan came out all together and made their way through the seven of us who were out there, talking, giving hugs and taking pictures. It was freezing cold and they were commenting on how we were waiting in the cold. Mairead adorably scolded Gregg for not wearing a coat ("where's your coat, Gregg!?"). I told Mairead that her voice is out of this world, to which she went "Traaaaaacie!" I told Eabha and Megan that all the people we had brought with us came to us afterwards and said WOW. We then talked to Ronan and he remembered our names even with the last time we had talked to him being Johnstown Castle, so that was super cool. We asked him who the orchestra was and he said this one was just random musicians pulled together. He and Lloyd both said they were looking forward to performing with the Colorado Symphony next. We told all of them that we were flying to Denver the next day. They all got on the bus and then producer Shane told our group we could come up and we started following him. Tara stepped out and stood in the doorway and waved us up. We were looking at her like, we can come in there? She said "come on, come inside, it's freezing", and she brought us into the warmth backstage. She then chatted with all of us and took pictures. She commented on how cold it was and I said we're Minnesotans, we're used to it. She asked, oh you live here? We said yeah, you see us all over the place but this is where we live! I also told her about all the people we brought with us and that they loved the show. We were thinking Tara probably got on the bus and told the others, why were you standing in the cold, I brought them inside! That was so nice of her to bring us into the warmth, and also so nice of the others to stand in the cold and talk with us. They're all such sweethearts!

The next morning we went to the airport to fly to Denver and yep, you guessed it, ran into Lloyd and John! Yet another meeting away from a venue! We talked again about how much they were looking forward to the Colorado Symphony and that Gregg and I had also gone to the Denver Christmas show last year. I was wearing my Best of Christmas t-shirt, so John opened his coat and proudly showed that he was wearing his Ancient Land t-shirt. They told us that they usually take the bus but sometimes they get sick of it and want to fly instead. They asked us if we were on the same flight as them (we weren't unfortunately), and Lloyd took a picture with us since we had already gotten one with John the night before. Let's keep this crazy good luck of meeting Celtic Woman members away from stage doors going, because we absolutely love it!

We spent the weekend in Denver with our three wonderful friends (Tom, David and Rachel) and we had such an amazing time. We all stayed at the same hotel and did pretty much everything together for the weekend - went to the holiday lights parade, had all meals together, went to Gregg's favorite bar, went to a German Christmas market, and just enjoyed each others' company. Being with such great friends really makes the experience of going to the Celtic Woman shows so much more fun and meaningful. We always enjoyed the shows when it was just the two of us, but when we started meeting and becoming good friends with so many other fans, it kicked the experiences up to a whole other level. We love that we have met so many wonderful people through our love of Celtic Woman, and it all started with this forum, so thank you so much! We're already missing our friends so much and can't wait to see them all again for more trips and shows! We love you guys! We all agreed that anytime Celtic Woman is either at Red Rocks or doing a Denver Christmas show, we will all be there together <3

The five of us went to the stage door in Denver of course and we were the only ones out there. We probably waited 20 minutes or so for the ladies to come out. It was quite a bit warmer than Prior Lake, so we weren't freezing this time. While waiting, Rachel was teaching us some Irish dancing, which was really fun. John came out and talked to us again (we had talked to him in the lobby before the show as well). Ronan waved to us and said how much fun the show was as he walked by. Eabha and Megan came out together and Megan was pointing at Eabha and saying "it's someone's birthday tomorrow!" and we then sang Happy Birthday to Eabha. So much fun! Then Megan said "ok, now in Gaelic!" and we were like, umm teach us, so they started singing it in Gaelic while also laughing. Mairead and Tara then came out together and joined all of us. Mairead requested a big group photo (which we also wanted to request, but she said it first!), so Shane took a picture of the four of them with the five of us. We love that picture so much! From the two nights combined, Gregg and I each got a solo picture with each of the ladies, plus our awesome big group picture and our pictures with John and Lloyd. Our picture goal for next weekend is Ronan! We should have asked him for one in Prior Lake. The five of us then kind of rotated around with the four of them of who was talking to who. I'd say this is my favorite stage door experience yet. They spent a good 15 minutes hanging out with us. At one point another fan walked up and wanted a picture with them and Mairead told us they were going to take a picture, but don't leave, they're coming back to us! I told Eabha that when she sings in Gaelic it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and she said it's her favorite too. I told Tara we got meet and greet for the tour finale and that we were excited to get a picture with them in their gorgeous Christmas gowns. I told Megan how incredible the show was yet again and that I kept watching with my jaw hanging open.  I told Mairead that we really want either a Magic of Christmas dvd or deluxe version of the album and she told us to ask Shane, who was standing close by and could hear our request. They need to make that happen so we get all the additional songs, and we have been dying to have this current group on a Christmas dvd! After Mairead, Eabha and Megan went to the bus, Tara stayed out even longer and kept talking to all of us. She told us that they absolutely love the fact that we all met each other and became such good friends because of their music. I think it was Tom who said that four of us had just met for the first time at Johnstown Castle and then I added that we met Rachel at Red Rocks. Tara was really surprised that we had only known each other for a little over a year and said that it feels like we've all been going to shows together forever.  Awwwww how sweet! There were more things that were said by Mairead and Megan that are too personal to even post here, so suffice it to say that it was an incredible night at the stage door and each time we meet them, we feel a growing fan/performer connection. We absolutely love how they basically hang out with us now and know us so well.  Can't wait to spend more time talking to them next weekend! And of course we're super excited to see the phenomenal show twice more, both with Tom! We'll finally meet Glen in Milwaukee! And we have meet and greet for the tour finale so we get pictures with them in their gorgeous Christmas gowns! Just one work week to go until another amazing weekend - bring it on, we're thrilled!

I'll be back with more reports after the final two shows next weekend. As always, please feel free to look at my pictures on my public Instagram account: tracie_dorn

I had the radio on in the car today and heard a contest announcement to win Celtic Woman tickets for the Prior Lake, Minnesota Christmas show! It was so cool hearing about my favorite ladies on a local radio station. Of course Gregg and I both entered the contest with hope that we can upgrade from row 3 to row 1! The prize includes dinner and a hotel room. No mention of meet and greet unfortunately.

Here's the contest link, from Minneapolis station KOOL 108:


Last night I Googled Celtic Woman Christmas 2019 just to see if I could find anything in addition to the 3 dates we already know about. I didn't find anything Christmas, but did find a news release for Mahaffey Theater in St Petersburg FL listing Celtic Woman on March 1, 2020! Already time to start keeping an eye out for 2020 dates! I'm already excited and still have 2 more Ancient Land shows this month! According to the news release, tickets for that one go on sale May 10th.

Here's the news release:


And the listing on the Mahaffey Theater website:


Ancient Land on Tour / Europe Tour Dates
« on: April 30, 2019, 10:12:48 PM »
Several Europe tour dates for Ancient Land have been announced and are on the Celtic Woman website.  The post on the website says there are still more dates to come.  I have also added them to our calendar.

October 18th - Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 19th - Antwerp, Belgium
October 20th - Paris, France
October 21st - Essen, Germany
October 22nd - Mannheim, Germany
October 23rd - Zurich, Switzerland
October 25th - Budapest, Hungary
October 27th - Vienna, Austria
October 28th - Halle, Germany
October 30th - Vilnius, Lithuania
October 31st - Tallinn, Estonia
November 3rd - Copenhagen, Denmark
November 5th - Berlin, Germany
November 7th - Prague, Czech Republic
November 11th - Cardiff, UK
November 12th - London, UK
November 14th - Glasgow, UK
November 15th - Manchester, UK
November 16th - Bournemouth, UK
November 17th - Birmingham, UK
November 18th - Liverpool, UK

Celtic Woman / Pickler and Ben
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:36:09 AM »
The ladies were guests and performers on talk show Pickler and Ben when they were in Nashville at the start of the Ancient Land tour. Their episode is airing today. Here's the facebook post about it, including a link to the stations it will air on:


Unfortunately, this won't be airing on a station I get. If anybody is able to put the Celtic Woman segment on YouTube, I'd really appreciate it!

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