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Celtic Woman / Brendan Graham Songs
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:23:54 PM »
Brendan Graham wrote the lyrics for some of Celtic Woman's best songs.

Here's a list of some of them:

You Raise Me Up
The Blessing
The Soft Goodbye
Christmas Pipes
The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun
The Voice
Sing Out
The Call
Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
O America
Sometimes a Prayer Will Do
My Land

Some other notable songs he wrote that were covered by Celtic Woman performers or guests:

Crucan Na Bpaiste (Deirdre Shannon)
Always There (Orla Fallon)
Sleep On (Hayley Westenra)
Orphan Girl (Anabelle Sweeney)

Can you think of other Celtic Woman songs to which Brendan Graham contributed?

Ancient Land on Tour / My Ancient Land Tour Experience
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:59:52 PM »

A word of warning: this write-up is intended mainly for people that won't get to see this tour or have already seen at least one show on the Ancient Land tour. If you read this (particularly the middle section) before going to a show, it's going to spoil a LOT of amazing surprises for you.



This was my first trip to Rochester. I trusted the GPS. It got me there, but it was an adventure. The GPS started acting up around Buffalo again (it's really uncooperative in that place for some reason), but it only got me off track once. It also took me along a back road instead of the main highway. I didn't have toll avoidance turned on, although the GPS's route choice had that unintended benefit.

Unfortunately, the route choice also cost me a lot of time. It got me on a "highway" (more like a hybrid of a city and county road). There were a lot of stop lights and stop signs, which wasn't great for fuel efficiency or pace. Because I got out of work an hour late, I encountered a stream of school buses in both directions and I had to stop frequently for them. I got behind a line of slow moving trucks a few times that were difficult to pass. I even got stuck behind a garbage truck for a while.

The combination of getting out of work late, the route, a hotel in Brockport (there wasn't anything I considered viable in Rochester at the time I looked), and an unexpected meal stop (I got on the road before eating anything after work) ate up all my buffer time. What should have been a 3-3.5 hour drive turned into about 5.5 after stops and hotel check-in.

I ended up getting to the venue about 15 minutes after the scheduled time to arrive for the Meet and Greet. Given that most of the M+Gs have been starting about 10 minutes before show time recently, I figured I still had plenty of time to spare. However, this M+G started unusually early, so I got into the venue less than 10 minutes before the M+G started. Way too close!

The next two shows are going to be tight for time as well, unfortunately.


For the first time, security actually confiscated my gifts at the entrance and advised they would take them to the Celtic Woman tour staff. Apparently this practice is normal at this venue.

There wasn't much time between my arrival and the start of the Meet and Greet, but I got to say 'hi' to a few familiar faces and some forum friends I haven't met in person before. I was definitely the Celtic Woman lightweight in the group, with between 300-400 attended Celtic Woman concerts among the group of us.

I handed out a few of the forum buttons. More on that later.

Before the show, we were advised by the ushers that there were no photos allowed during the show at all, even though that wasn't formally announced over the PA system before the show. Some people abused it. I chose to respect it and just enjoy my first show of the tour without worrying about tinkering with the unfamiliar camera app on a new phone.

Meet and Greet:

We were directed from the lobby into a hallway where the Meet and Greet took place. There was an Ancient Land backdrop set up along one of the walls of the hallway. I suppose there were around 20 of us. Perhaps a bit less.

Prior to the Meet and Greet we were told by event staff (not by Sett) that there was to be no hugging the girls or putting our arms around them during the photo. The reasoning provided was to prevent the girls from getting sick. While I'm all for keeping our girls healty, it didn't make a lot of sense to approve of people shaking hands with the girls but not hugging them. If anything that was possibly less sanitary.

That restriction would have really sucked if, like previous years, I was only doing one Meet and Greet. Fortunately for me, I'll have 3 more chances to hug them at other Meet and Greets this tour.

The people ahead of me rushed through it pretty quick. Quick handshakes and photo. Not much talking. I was grateful for the extra time and for the first time since my first M+G with Celtic Woman, I didn't feel overly rushed.

The order of the girls at this Meet and Greet was Eabha, Mairead, Megan, and Tara. It started out smoothly for me. My well-rehearsed statements were delivered sufficiently well and I felt they were reasonably well received too. I told Eabha how much I loved Garden of Eden and the whole album. I told Mairead and Eabha this was going to be my 10th time seeing them live. They low-fived each other in adorable fashion. When I got to Megan, I don't know what I started saying, but it wasn't what I had planned. It through me off big time. Having already forgotten what I was going to say twice with Tara, I just threw a frustrated look over at Mairead and Eabha and without a word, communicated "are you kidding me, this is happening again with the new girl?" They both told me it was ok. That helped get me back on track. I ultimately told Megan how special a performer I thought she was and she seemed flattered. Then, for the first time, I was actually able to stand in front of Tara and talk without being completely overwhelmed by her beauty and adorable presence. I normally give Tara a bonus hug, but ... no hugging rule this time.

Overall, I probably had a minute or so with the girls. A few hundred dollars well spent!


The Stage:

This was definitely my favorite stage of any Celtic Woman show I've been to! The design evoked treasured memories from Johnstown Castle with the short staircase descending to a circular stage with two flanking ramps. There was even a big triskele in the center of the stage, just like the DVD recording. The stage had several levels and was decorated with panels that resembled the stone wall of a castle. At the back of the stage, there were several tall drapes. Between the drapes was a screen on which video was played to compliment the music. It was a hybrid of the design used in Destiny (a completely exposed, minimally decorated video panel) and Homecoming (which was a video screen fully covered by translucent drapes).

I thought the Homecoming set looked slightly more elegant at the back of the stage, but overall, I enjoyed the Ancient Land set the most.

Set List:

Act 1:

Ancient Land
Moorlough Shore
Follow Me
Fields of Gold
Love and Honour
Amazing Grace
Enchanted Way
Danny Boy
Ballroom of Romance

Act 2:

Long Journey Home
Mná na hÉireann
Orinoco Flow
Siúil A Rún
Ae Fond Kiss
Tip, Tap, Toe
Garden of Eden
Over the Rainbow
Tara's Tunes
Bean Pháidín
Going Home
Kesh Inn
The Parting Glass

The Show:

Right from the start of the show there were surprises!

The show started with a different instrumental lead-in to the Ancient Land song. Then, the male choir members on stage singing Ancient Land instead of the girls! The girls emerged onto the stage part way through the song. The change made it fresh for the tour and it worked well.

It didn't take long to notice the audio quality in the theater was even better than the audio quality at the castle. The audio at the castle was good, but the base was reportedly much better on the opposite side of the stage to where I sat both nights.

Some parts of the harmony in Homeland were slightly different than at the DVD recording.

Eabha's introduction before Moorlough Shore was really good. It was a nice story about her grandmother's long lost love that had an element of humor at the end as well. I've heard the story previously, but most of the audience would probably have been hearing it for the first time. Eabha's delivery was great! The song itself was pretty similar to the Ancient Land DVD, with Tara playing harp and Eabah both singing and playing the tin whistle.

The next solo was a brand new version of Newgrange, performed by Mairead. She apparently was closely involved in arranging the song as well. This was a jaw dropper! It kind of reminded me of the title song from Phantom of the Opera (where Christine's voice became possessed and seemed to have unlimited range). Mairead went into opera mode, but it wasn't just her range and power that impressed me. The melody was really intriguing and her voice was dancing gracefully all over the place. It almost had a middle-eastern vibe to it and there were parts of that song that were overwhelmingly amazing!

We were treated to a new arrangement of Fields of Gold, performed as a solo by Megan, accompanied by piano. She did a really good job with this and it's definitely my favorite version!

The new piper John Hunt was well received by the audience during Amazing Grace. Rather than emerge from some crazy location in a balcony or something, he spent the song on the stage. He did a great job and the crowd was quite receptive.

Ballroom of Romance was a fantastic way to end the first act! It's such and energetic song! It's my all-time favorite 'ceili' song at the moment.

Act 2 opened with another of my all-time favorite Celtic Woman songs: Long Journey Home. Like Homeland, there were some slight adjustments to the harmony for the tour version. I love everything about this song, including the lyrics, the melody, the powerful instrumental bridge, and the brilliant use of harmony.

The introduction before Mná na hÉireann was amazing! The girls, particularly Tara, talked about how the Women of Ireland were kind, strong, beautiful, and talented. Tara said she hoped they represented all those qualities they aspire to. "You do, girl," I whispered. "You do." <3

The amazing song intros just kept coming! Next up was Mairead with Ae Fond Kiss. She talked about the story behind the song. It was written by Robbie Burns about a girl he fell in love with one night but would never meet again. Her telling this story honestly brought my appreciation for this song to a different level for me. She sang with a lot of feeling.

Orinoco Flow brought us another surprise arrangement. Like the other re-arranged songs from this tour, this version of Orinoco Flow is now my favorite.

Siúil A Rún had an exceptionally well-done song introduction, this time by Tara, who talked about how special it was to be performing the music she loved together with her best friends. These introductions were very well written and the expressive way Tara delivered it almost had me in tears before the song evern started.

Tip, Tap, Toe was a really fun number by the band and dancers.

What more can I say about Garden of Eden other than I absolutely love it: the lyrics, the melody, the arrangement ... everything! I'm so glad Eabha got to perform her song on this tour!

If you haven't heard Megan and Mairead perform Over the Rainbow, prepare to have your breath taken from you. That ending... WOW!

Bean Pháidín featured another fresh arrangement and a really fun one! I've mentioned it a few times already, but every song they re-arranged on this tour is legitimately my all-time favorite version. This tour is so good!

The girls came back out on stage for The Kesh Inn with their instruments as they did in Homecoming. I love how much fun they're having on stage and that the singers get to show off some of their other talents.

The girls performed The Parting Glass as their closing number. After the girls left the stage, the show wrapped up as it began, with the choir on stage, this time singing a brief reprise of The Parting Glass.

Until we meet again, ladies!


This show was really good! I'm not prepared yet to determine if it's my favorite Celtic Woman tour I've seen. The Homecoming tour had more songs I haven't ever heard Celtic Woman perform before (a few songs I'd never heard at all before). But Ancient Land had the coolest stage design, the best song intros, and some exceptionally re-arranged classics. I'm really glad I get to see this show up to three more times. It's a real pleasure to see those ladies perform and to be enchanted by the music from their Ancient Land.


After the show, I hung around the stage door with some of the other fans. I offered some of the leftover Ancient Land and Megan buttons to some of the other fans, but they declined. That's not the first time that's happened. It must be me, because I find it hard to believe that people are this disinterested in free stuff.

It was pretty cold outside. Not as brutal as the night I saw the Home for Christmas tour, but still pretty chilly. This venue was ideal for a stage-and-greet / bus-and-greet. The stage door was clearly marked and there was only one. The bus was close to the stage door, but the girls could easily see people waiting for them without having their view obstructed by the bus when exiting the building. After 10-15 minutes or so, the girls started to come out! Catriona actually came out first. I went over to say hi as I've never actually met her before, but while she was signing things for some of the other fans, I saw Mairead come out wearing a stylish hat. I waved at her and she came over! I don't think I was able to say much. I think I just told her the show was really good. I got a photo with her and after she signed some things for other fans then got on the bus.

So the lovely Mairead Carlin was the first person I ever met at a tour bus and the first active member of Celtic Woman I've ever met at a stage door! That's quite fitting, because her voice in particular has had a profound impact on my life.

Eabha came out next in a thin dress. She waved at us and she thanked me for the gifts. I guess the gifts that were confiscated from me before the show did their way to the girls! She didn't stop to chat, opting instead for the inviting warmth of the nearby tour bus. I can't blame her. I was chilly and I was actually wearing a coat, hat and gloves!

Megan came out next. She was wearing a sweater, but she seemed really cold. I told her I loved the show, got a quick picture with her and then she got on the bus.

Last was Tara (yes, they exiting the building in the same order as they were aligned in the Meet and Greet). She was dressed more appropriately for the weather and she stayed to chat with me for a couple of minutes. She asked me if this was my first Ancient Land show. I replied that it was ... aside from the two show at the castle. Her face lit up with an adorable expression. She asked me if I was going to any more shows and I replied I was going to three more, including Red Rocks! She said she was trying not to look to far ahead because there were so many other amazing venues coming up before Red Rocks, but that was going to be difficult, because she really loved her first experience performing there. I got a photo with her before she got on the tour bus bound for Syracuse.

The stage-and-greet / bus-and-greet reinforced the fact that if I want to say anything coherent and meaningful to them, I have to practice in advance. Tara was very good at leading the conversation, so I didn't really have to think of things to say. But if I have to try to come up with something to say to them on the fly without having rehearsed it extensively, I'm more than likely not going to be able to say much. The bus-and-greet is more unstructured than a Meet and Greet, which makes it much harder for me to prepare for. Still, I'd consider the post show meeting a success!

Only a week and a half as of me writing this until my next Ancient Land show!


Ancient Land on Tour / Ancient Land Tour Merchandise
« on: March 29, 2019, 08:43:29 PM »

Prices in USD. Note: Actual prices at the venue may very from those shown here.

$35 Ancient Land long sleeve shirt
$30 Ancient Land T-Shirts
$25 Ancient Land DVD
$20 Souvenir Program
$20 Ancient Land CD
$15 Coffee Mug (Ancient Land and some of the previous mugs)
$10 Shot glass
$10 Celtic Woman name logo pin
$5  Koozie
$5  Magnet

Ancient Land Program

The Celtic Woman programs are always gorgeous. This one is no exception visually and it also has my favorite content of any program since I started going to Celtic Woman concerts.

The program contains some lovely still photos from the Ancient Land DVD.

The program introduces the premise of the show. It also delves into the site selection for the Ancient Land DVD recording and the lead-up to the concerts at Johnstown Castle.

Susan McFadden, Anto, and Joanie got a shout out. Each of the current members has a 2-page spread. One page in the spread provides background on the performer and some personal stories about some of the songs in the show. The second page in the spread features a stunning photo of the performer overtly modelling the star-shaped earings and necklaces available for purchase on the Celtic Collections site.

The background and touching stories the girls used to introduce some of the songs during the show have been captured in the program. I thought that was a nice touch and will remind people of those special moments during the concert.

The program also has a page devoted to some of the songs in the show. There's a brief, but eloquent description of each song and its background. I was really impressed with the way they described some of the songs and it actually made me appreciate the songs even more.

The program even includes an two page spread for frequently asked questions and answers.

There's quite a bit of content that came from the heart and was quite well written. Show Producer Shane McDonnell pays tribute to one of the Celtic Woman founders, Dave Kavanagh, who passed away during the Homecoming tour last year. That tribute was touching and had quite a bit of emotional kick to it.

Ancient Land Mug

The "shh...not 'til I'm done listening to Celtic Woman" mug has been my favourite for quite a while, but this new Ancient Land mub is definitely my favorite now. It features the beautiful Ancient Land album cover and it compliements the gorgeous mug I got while I was at Johnstown Castle.

If there's one criticism I have, it's that the color used in the text on the mug is a bit paler than the colors used on the album cover. It doesn't stand out quite as well against the backgrounds and looking at it from certain angles, it's actually difficult for my eyes to bring the text into proper focus.


It measures about 3.5 x 2.75 inches and features a Celtic Knot symbol, the Ancient Land color scheme, and touch of green. I think it looks great.

Ancient Land T-Shirt

The mens T-shirt features the girls in their act 1 Ancient Land dresses. I wish it was a higher quality image. It's probably about the same resolution as the image on the Voices of Angels T-shirt. The Voices of Angels had the benefit of some softer, darker colors, allowing it to blend into the black base color, masking the gaps in the image. The Ancient Land shirt has a much higher contrast, so the black spots in the image really stand out. But at the end of the day, it lets me show my support for these wonderful ladies, so it does the job.

Overall, I was pleased with the selection of merchandise. The program was definitely the highlight for me, but I loved the mug and the other items were good too.

Lisa Kelly / Lisa Kelly Spring 2019 Show
« on: March 04, 2019, 11:54:37 AM »
Lisa Kelly announced her show today at The Fred on May 11!


Tickets for individual concerts go on sale Tuesday, March 19 at noon.

Mairead Nesbitt / Tim Janis (May 13, 2019)
« on: March 03, 2019, 04:16:13 PM »
Tim Janis is performing on April 13, 2019 and has a few very special guests: both Mairead Nesbitt and Lynn Hilary!

There are two shows on the same day:

Saturday, April 13th, 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM

York Community Auditorium
York, Maine



Featuring original songs from his first new album since 2010 Tim Janis is joined by fellow artists, Celtic Violinist Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violinist, singer/songwriter Lynn Hilary, Irish Flautist Eimear McGeown, harpists Camille and Kennerly - Harp Twins, and singer Reilly Anspaugh.

Tim Janis’ new album is woven together in epic and sweeping emotion routed in Celtic tones with touches of mystical and ethereal themes.

A portion of proceeds from his concert will provide direct financial support to York High School student academics and educational experiences.

I listened to a few of Tim Janis's albums and really liked the music. It's relaxing and has an Irish flavor. There's plenty of violin, tin whistle, and low whistle. I really haven't had any of his music I haven't enjoyed so far.

As of this afternoon, I have tickets to both shows!

Susan McFadden / Susan joins 7 Entertainment
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:44:58 PM »
Susan has joined entertainment company 7 Entertainment.

If you live in the vicinity of Ireland, you can book her for exclusive ceremonies (ie. wedding) or corporate performances.

Those interested in more information may contact 7 Entertainment.

Here's their website:

Órlagh Fallon / New album(s) coming
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:40:15 PM »
Orla was on KCLR96FM last Saturday:

She's recorded a few songs recently and she's recording a Christmas album within the next few weeks.

Ancient Land / Tara lip syncing Garden of Eden
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:05:24 PM »
Tara singing along to Eabha's song "Garden of Eden" from Ancient Land.

The clip is attached.

Celtic Woman / Celtic Woman: Ties of the Past
« on: February 09, 2019, 02:28:55 PM »
No it's not the new album title.

Or is it...  ;)

Mairead Carlin posted a cool story on Instagram today about how several members of the current Celtic Woman group were connected, without even knowing it, before they were in Celtic Woman.


Back in 2006, both Mairead Carlin and Tara were both in the Ulster Youth Choir together and the choir director, Greg Beardsell, worked with Megan Walsh when she was in the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland!

Here are some of the other connections I can recall off the top of my head before they were in Celtic Woman:

Eabha, as a member of Anuna, appeared briefly in Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas DVD during the track "Away In A Manger."

When Susan was a teenager, she knew Lisa Kelly. Susan also performed with Chloë's mom in Annie, so although Chloë was young then, Susan knew her. Here's the source.

Lisa Kelly went to Chloë's mom's stage school when Chloë was a kid. Lisa and Chloë grew up only a few minutes away from each other in Dublin.

Mairead Nesbitt and Deirdre were both in The Celtic Tenors: Live in Concert (DVD, 2002).

What are some of the other connections we know of between Celtic Woman members we know of before they were members of Celtic Woman?

I bet there's quite a few instances where multiple Celtic Woman members were in Anuna at the same time.

Alex Sharpe / Shine: Alex's Performing Arts Studio
« on: February 07, 2019, 08:24:12 PM »
Alex announced she's now taking bookings for her new performing arts studio opening up in spring and voice and performance tuition via Skype!

Her studio will be located in Dublin.


Source (Facebook post):

I guess now aspiring performers can learn from either Lisa Kelly or Alex Sharpe (or both)!

I wish her lots of luck (her students, just in having her, already have all the luck they need).

CW Musicians and Choir / Thank You Ray
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:25:36 PM »
Within the past week or so, Ray Fean announced that he's going to be in the West End production of Come From Away. I saw that musical on Broadway a couple of years ago while I was in NYC to see Lisa Lambe. It's a pretty good show.

But as a consequence, Ray will not be touring with Celtic Woman on the Ancient Land tour this spring.

It sounds like he's open to returning at some point, but for the forseable future, Celtic Woman group will be without Ray Fean for the first time. Perhaps once he's done with Come from Away he'll be Going Home to Celtic Woman.

Ray was the last remaining member of the group or band to have been with Celtic Woman since the very beginning.

I got to meet him a couple of times, although I was too shy to say much.

Thank you for all the years to gave to the group and its fans Ray. You'll be missed in Celtic Woman, but we wish you all the best wherever the beat of life takes you.

Ancient Land / Signed Ancient Land Posters
« on: February 04, 2019, 04:56:45 PM »
The Celtic Woman Newsletter today had a little surprise:

Every 2019 Celtic Woman calendar purchased with any of our Ancient Land products receive an exclusive limited edition signed Ancient Land poster as an added bonus!

I'm unsure if they're the same posters as the unsigned ones that were available at the castle or a different design.

Celtic Woman / What are your favorite Celtic Woman Album covers?
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:43:56 AM »
What are your favorite Celtic Woman album covers?

Chloe Agnew / Chloë back in the studio!
« on: February 01, 2019, 11:45:26 PM »
Chloë's been in the studio in Ireland a few times already this year recording something.

There was also a post recently about an orchestral track being recorded for her.

CW Musicians and Choir / Murphy's Celtic Legacy
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:57:44 AM »
If you're into Irish dancing, Murphy's Celtic Legacy: Irish Dance Reborn is touring the US and Canada this spring:

Features dancers and musicians from Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman (I don't think any of the former lead performers from Celtic Woman are in the show, probably just the dancers and maybe someone from the band).

Tour Dates (as of January 26, 2019, consult the web site for more recent information):

Sunday 10th February, Folsom, CA, Harris Centre
Wednesday 13th February, Palm Desert, CA, McCallum Theatre for the Performing Arts
Friday 15th February, Prescott, AZ, Yavapai College Performance Hall
Saturday 16th February, Chandler, AZ, Chandler Center for the Arts
Sunday 17th February, Poway, CA, Poway Center for the Performing Arts
Saturday 23rd February, Alto, NM, Spencer Theatre
Sunday 24th February, Albuquerque, NM, Popejoy Hall
Tuesday 26th February, Midlan, TX, Wagner Noel Performing Arts Centre
Friday 1st March, Billings, MT, Alberta Bair Theater
Tuesday 5th March, Burlington, ON, Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Wednesday 6th March, Brantford, ON, Sanderson Centre Theatre
Thursday 7th March, Kingston, ON, Grand Theatre - Regina Rosen Auditorium
Friday 8th March, St. Catherines, ON, Partridge Concert Hall
Saturday 9th March, Chatham, ON, Chatham Capitol Theatre
Sunday 10-March, North Bay, ON, Capitol Centre Theatre
Wednesday 13th March, Bethlehem, PA, Zoellner Arts Center
Thursday 14th March, Rutland, VT, Paramount Center
Friday 15th March, Keene, NH, Colonial Theatre
Saturday 16th March, Union, NJ, Wilkins Theatre
Sunday 17th March, Red Bank, NJ, Count Basie Theatre
Thursday 21st March, York, PA, The Pullo Center
Sunday 24th March Bronx, NY, Lehman Center for the performing arts
Thursday 28th March, Wilmington, NC, Wilson Center
Saturday 30th March, Greeneville, TN, Niswonger Performing Arts Center
Monday 1st April, The Villages, FL, Sharon L Morse Performing Arts Center
Wednesday 3rd April, Ft. Pierce, FL, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts

Just look at all those weekend tour dates!

And 6 shows in Ontario, Canada :O

Tuesday 5th March, Burlington, ON, Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Wednesday 6th March, Brantford, ON, Sanderson Centre Theatre
Thursday 7th March, Kingston, ON, Grand Theatre - Regina Rosen Auditorium
Friday 8th March, St. Catherines, ON, Partridge Concert Hall
Saturday 9th March, Chatham, ON, Chatham Capitol Theatre
Sunday 10-March, North Bay, ON, Capitol Centre Theatre

There's actually some very convenient locations in there for me.

But there's something familiar about that weekend in March though, what could it be?

Oh right, that's Mairead Nesbitt's "Celtic Sounds" show. Do I really want to drive 4-5 hours on Friday, get back late Friday night, then another 5-8 hours starting early Saturday morning?

Argh!!!! The timing of shows this spring has been pretty horrendous so far.

But fortunately for me, Brantford is close enough I can get there and back on a weeknight.

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