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January 16, 2021, 11:50:47 PM

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Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: January 14, 2021, 11:32:32 PM »
I will really miss Mairead with Celtic Woman. It's so hard to imagine the group without her and her stunning gorgeous voice. She's the only one who has been in every show that I've been to. Whenever shows can resume, it'll be so weird to not have her in it.

I'm looking forward to hearing the solo album that she's working on and hope to see her in solo shows in the future. I'm sure her new album will be amazing!

I agree, I also find it very odd that the official Celtic Woman social media accounts haven't said anything about this, especially since they have posted a couple of times since she made the announcement. Wonder what that's all about.

Celebration's on Tour / Re: 2021 Tour Postponed
« on: January 10, 2021, 11:08:37 PM »
Thanks for asking about virtual meet and greets Glen! That would be so much fun, I hope they start doing those!

For the Killarney shows, my guess is that they're something new. I'm hoping those shows can happen in August as currently scheduled!

General Discussion / Re: Merry Christmas and a happy New Years
« on: December 31, 2020, 06:36:44 PM »
Happy New Year! 🎉

I’m really hoping the dates will work out though, this will be my first CW show so I’m really excited to go and watch it, as well as meet all the fans! Like what Tracie said, I think meeting other fans is such an enjoyable experience!

Good news: My term dates for next year are out and it seems like I will be able to attend the show next year (COVID conditions permitting)! I’m already so excited to go and watch it and meet other fans as well!


Alex Sharpe / Re: Personalized Christmas Shows!
« on: December 06, 2020, 09:40:54 AM »
Gregg and I absolutely loved this Christmas at Home concert! Alex was fabulous, her voice is gorgeous, and she did a wonderful job with the decorations. It was so much fun getting to choose the setlist. I second Tom's suggestion to put in Santa Baby, which she made really fun. The whole thing was such a wonderful experience and we'd highly recommend!

Celtic Woman / Re: Celtic woman released a new video
« on: December 05, 2020, 04:40:13 PM »
This new video is so gorgeous! I love it!

Eabha McMahon / Eabha's patreon page
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:27:03 PM »
Eabha launched a patreon page today! Patreon is an online community where Eabha can share content with her fans, and we fans can support her as an artist. She has five different tiers of support to choose from, with the benefits increasing at each level. Go check it out! I'm super excited to see what all she'll do on there!


calendar / Re: 2020-03-27 - Chloë (Dublin, GA)
« on: November 14, 2020, 11:09:16 AM »
I have tickets for the Lancaster shows and I'm hoping to see Susan for the first time since 2018! That was the plan for this year, to have Susan in those shows. Still hoping this spring tour can go on 🤞

The Magic of Christmas 2019 Tour / Re: Will there even be a tour this year?
« on: November 07, 2020, 12:04:04 AM »
I'm going to really miss the symphony tour this year 😢

Chloe Agnew / Re: Is there a reliable source for her birthday?
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:26:58 AM »
The official Celtic Woman social media pages wished her happy birthday on June 9th.

Mairead Carlin / Re: Song Club (Chris Difford)
« on: October 23, 2020, 10:14:25 PM »
I absolutely adore Mairead's songs on this album. They are so beautifully written with very touching lyrics and beautifully arranged and performed. I really enjoyed the entire album too. I listened to it while working today (after having listened to Mairead's two songs right away at the 11pm release last night of course!) and thought it was nice easy listening. It's a really lovely album and I'll be listening to it often. And the proceeds go to a wonderful cause. I'd definitely recommend!

Celebration: The 15th Anniversary Tour / Re: On or Off?
« on: October 14, 2020, 10:23:54 PM »
I think yes sometime in 2021, but I'm not sure about spring. It may get postponed to summer or fall.

Alex Sharpe / Re: Personalized Christmas Shows!
« on: October 12, 2020, 08:35:40 AM »
I am super excited for the personalized Christmas shows! I think it's an awesome idea and will be so much fun!

Celtic Woman / Re: Songs that haven't been recorded..
« on: September 04, 2020, 11:41:50 PM »
I can't think of any others from the tours that I've been to (Destiny forward) but if I do think of any I'll come back and update this. I got to hear From A Distance and Wild Mountainside live and those were both lovely. I bet Scarlett Ribbons and Have I Told You Lately That I Love You were wonderful too.

Hopefully you can make it! It's so much fun meeting other fans!

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