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February 27, 2021, 12:05:33 PM

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calendar / Re: 2022-03-04 Celtic Woman: Celebration (St. Petersburg,FL)
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:27:21 AM »
I had tickets for THIS year's show which I'm assuming will work for NEXT years show.  Interesting that I have gotten nothing from the venue on this yet.

Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: February 03, 2021, 12:33:59 PM »
I would tend to believe that no major corporation will outsource social media, especially to a volunteer.  Or, if they outsource it, they want to have strict control over it with significant financial penalties for posting "stupid" stuff.   While I am not making a political statement, keep in mind that our country is divided pretty close to 50/50.  Anything you say will offend about 1/2 the people who see it.

Celebration's on Tour / Re: 2021 Tour Postponed
« on: February 02, 2021, 09:32:28 AM »
Before last year's tour got postponed, I reached out to several PBS stations about Meet & Greets.  Only 1 of I think 5 said they were doing them.  I paid $350 a pair, and I was in the 2nd row.  The only reason I got the M&G is I took a business client, so it was a write off.  Would I have paid this for me?  Maybe.  As has been discussed before, what you are paying for is a photo op, not really a M&G.  I have lots of photos.  I'm spoiled, and really want the close seats.

My local PBS station said, and I think this was in November of 2019, that they had no info from CW, so they didn't know if they could offer anything or not.  Bought tickets direct from venue -- 2nd row.

I was told by PBS that a specific venue close to me gives PBS a choice.  Really good seats (rows 1 and 2), but they have to "pay" for the tickets or heavily discounted tickets in row 15.  The venue was offering the "good" seats to their members who would not only pay full price, but also some membership money.

PBS needs programs to fill air time.  Yes, they can get some money via M&G/tickets.  So, as a WAG, you have 30 people at a M&G.  If PBS gets $100 each (paying $50 for the ticket), they get $3,000.  OK, not bad for one night.  But, for example, what does a show like Masterpiece Theatre cost for, say 2, 1 hour episodes?  I remember reading that Game of Thrones (ok, it is over the top) was spending $15 million an episode for the last season.  What about Downton Abbey?

Anyway, I'm assuming that IF the tour happens next year, there will NOT be any M&G events.  I had tickets for 3 shows.  I've requested refunds for 2 -- they required traveling.  I'll gamble a couple hundred on my local show, which is NOT sponsored by PBS.   

Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: February 01, 2021, 09:40:53 AM »
The pandemic has affected everyone -- some more than others.  From a corporate standpoint, what is an "essential" worker in your corporation?  A lot of companies have determined that a receptionist isn't critical.  There are lots of automated phone systems.  No one can get inside a building, so it's not a matter of greeting guests.  How critical is "social media administrator"?  Yes, it's an important marketing function, but, if there's nothing to market, that can get cut. Go back, I don't know, maybe 10 years ago.  How did we find out about shows then? 
My business more or less shut down about 10 months ago.  Do I fight to keep it alive or say the heck with it and collect Social Security? 

Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: January 30, 2021, 11:57:52 AM »
Does this lack of communication mean CW is over?  Two years of no shows.  This has to have an affect on both the performers and the overall corporate entity.  What's going to happen a year from now?  Will we still have to socially distance?  That will have an affect on the number of people in the theatre which affects the income.  The only way some of the venues are hanging on is due to federal money.  How long can that last?

Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: January 19, 2021, 05:17:51 PM »
The first time I met her was in Clearwater, Florida on 2/22/14.  I also did M&Gs on February 27, May 14 and June 5.  The most interesting was a Sneak & Greet in Charlestown, WV where they didn't push us too bad.  I was able to tell her this would be the 5th show this tour.  I said she was a worthy successor to those who had gone on before.  Plus, I was able to tell her we had something in common -- the same birthday (OK separated by a lot of years!). 

General Discussion / Re: Meet and Greets (General Discussion)
« on: January 18, 2021, 12:54:17 PM »
Going back to the "early" days of CW, the M&G's then were only 2 girls, and you didn't know who you would get.  They would sign lots of things for you.  They were after the show, so they weren't quite as rushed.  Some of the PBS stations even had little receptions (cookies and coffee) while you were waiting for the girls to show up.

You had a little more time to actually talk to the girls, especially if most of the people in the M&G had never been to one before.  For those of us who went to a lot of shows, the girls remembered you.  The first M&G I went to was in Fort Myers, Florida.  My daughter, who was 15 at the time, went with me.  Like a lot of kids, she was shy.  Our M&G had Chloe and Lisa K. Chloe started by asking my daughter what her favorite song was.  She then told my daughter she saw her singing along!  Yeah, that was when a M&G got you a front row seat!  After a couple other M&G's, I went to one without my daughter.  Chloe asked me where she was!

I went to another one with Chloe and Mairead N.  Both of them got up from behind the table and came around and hugged me.  The CW people were shocked.  The PBS lady came up afterwards and asked how did I know them?

Yes, hugs are great!  Plus, my treasured possession is a CW St Patricks day tour shirt signed by all the girls!  They did two nights at Radio City -- I had tickets for both nights.  That was an expensive trip!

I'm also a little hesitant about virtual M&Gs.  I'm not a fan of Zoom, etc.  I have had to do some professional training via the internet -- IMHO it's a total waste of time.  I've done a couple of the Facebook "shows".  Generally made the decision not to do it again.

Mairead Carlin / Re: Mairead Carlin moving on from Celtic Woman
« on: January 13, 2021, 09:19:32 AM »
It's hard to believe she has been part of the group for 8 years.  Didn't seem that long.

It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds for her.  Everyone who is a "performer" is going to have a very rough road ahead.  Even if there are tours/shows, will people show up?  Do you find something else to do? 

General Discussion / Re: Facebook making it difficult for artists
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:15:02 PM »
Facebook in general is just getting weird.

Celebration's on Tour / Re: 2021 Tour Postponed
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:13:38 PM »
So based on a quick Google search, the BBC has a report that says Ireland has the world's highest new Covid cases per million people.  The situation in the hospitals has been described as a "national emergency.".  Somehow, that doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the taping show.

Celebration's on Tour / Re: 2021 Tour Postponed
« on: January 08, 2021, 08:29:40 AM »
They are going to have the same problem that a lot of performers will have.  Primarily, will the fans return?  Typically, I'll go to maybe 5 shows a year.  This year, I had tickets for 3.   They typically start the tour in Florida, which is where I live.  I'll probably hang on to that ticket.  I haven't decided about requesting a refund on the other two.  There was a reason I picked those two -- that reason doesn't exist any more.

In the past, I was OK with paying the premium to do a Meet & Greet.  That was a function of where and what shows I went to.  I'm pretty sure that the days of a M&G are over.  I do understand and accept it.  I did get the feeling that CW was trying to phase them out. 

It will be very interesting to see how things unfold.  Will the lineup be the same?  Can they record new music?  Will the lineup be the same?

Celtic Woman / Re: Year in Review: 2020
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:45:45 AM »
And people thought I was crazy for the years I did 7 or 8 shows!  13 is really ambitious.  Yes, traveling has become a giant hassle, even before COVID. 

I got to see 3 CW shows live this year, had a ticket for 1 more, and was thinking about adding one more show.  My 3 shows were all in Florida, so I could drive.  I too was at Lakeland, Fort Myers and St Petersburg.  I saw one Chloe show before the tour started, and thanks to your posting here, I went to her show in Atlanta in December  OK, maybe BOTH the Atlanta shows!

Without getting into a big debate about COVID, I maintain that my 95 year old mother died this year because of COVID, but she did not have COVID.  It was the isolation, lack of contact with people, lack of exercise (walking).  I had not seen her in person for about 3 months before she went in the hospital and passed away.  At the funeral (don't ask), I, of course, had to do a eulogy.  I closed with a verse from The Parting Glass -- Of all the money, ere I had ... Good night and joy be to you all.  Of course, several people had to ask me about it later.  When I explained, one or two had heard of CW.  If the tour goes ahead next year, I've offered them tickets to join me at a show.  We shall see.

I've tried to do a couple of virtual shows.  Recognizing I am older, I probably will not continue to do so.  I tend to get distracted/lose interest.   I do understand that performers live to perform, and the pandemic has impacted them just like everyone else.  Chloe said something similar during her Atlanta concert. 

Like everyone, I hope 2021 gets us back "closer" to normal.  While typing this, I flipped over to Chloe's website.  Her tour page is now blank.  Earlier (i.e pre Atlanta show), it was showing mostly CW shows).  CW's website still lists the shows.  I have tickets for the February 28th show in St Petersburg, FL.  Right now, the venue's website is still listing it as going forward.  And yes, Florida does not have a lot of restrictions in place. 

I also have a ticket for Cleveland Ohio and Morgantown, WV.  I can get a non-stop flight to Pittsburgh and easily drive to both.  I haven't pulled the trigger on a plane flight yet, since they are still being kind of squirrely about the virus and it's effects on travel. 

Here's to a better 2021!


I was at both shows.  The cost of the tickets is minor compared to the plane flight, hotel, rental car, etc.

Your comments are spot on.  One of the reasons I enjoy Chloe's shows is you can tell she really, really likes performing and really appreciates her fans.  Going back a number of years when she first started touring on her own, she said several times she didn't know if anyone would come to her shows.  Kind of the same feeling today.

She did a Q&A before both shows.  I only went to the evening one.  She stood on stage and took questions for about 20 minutes.  She, of course, doesn't know what's going to happen next year with tours.  Apparently, she did have to quarantine when she got to the US now. 

There were no more than 50 people in the venue, and yes, we were mostly social distanced.

Chloe Agnew / Re: Wild Atlantic Fleadh
« on: December 01, 2020, 11:33:42 AM »
So what does this mean for the CW shows during that time period?

Celtic Woman / Re: The real Celtic Woman Anniversary
« on: November 16, 2020, 01:29:09 PM »
Something tells me that a 15 year old is limited to the number of hours they can work per day AND I don't think they can work past 7:00 at night.  It's got nothing to do with school.

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