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October 02, 2023, 01:23:41 PM

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calendar / Re: 2024-03-01 Celtic Woman (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 09:57:17 PM »
There is meet and greet for this one in the donate link on the website posted above. Gregg & I purchased this one the other day while figuring out our spring tour plans.
Celtic Woman / Re: How many shows / meet and greets have you been to?
« Last post by CWazyTom on October 01, 2023, 09:50:25 PM »
What does everyone think. Should High Kings concerts count as "Celtic-Woman-related" concerts?
Same question for High Kings CDs and DVDs.

Some points in favor:
- The High Kings (including multiple of their current members), have opened for Celtic Woman on tour.
- Both groups have tracks on the A Celtic Family Christmas album (although they don't perform together on any of those songs on the album).
- Both groups had David Downes as a musical director for several years.

Points against:
- As far as I know, no High Kings members have ever been in the Celtic Woman choir, so they were basically 2 separate groups that performed at the same concerts for a little while and shared a label.
- If you have everything The High Kings have ever done but the only other thing in your "solo" collection is Lisa Kelly's solo album, is that a Celtic Woman related collection or just a High Kings collection? 🤣
- If we start counting any person or group that's ever performed with Celtic Woman as "related" material, the scope of this might get out of hand. They recorded some songs with Chris De Burgh, so is all of Chris De Burgh's stuff Celtic-Woman-related then?

Other thoughts:
- It feels like the shows, albums, and DVDs of guests, such as Rebecca Winckworth and Oonagh, should be included are Celtic-Woman-related.
- The things Colm Keegan recorded with Celtic Thunder feel like they should be related because he was in the choir (and on the Songs from the Heart DVD). And likewise, if you went to a CT show with Colm in it, it's probably a CW-related show. But if you're a CT super-fan and saw Celtic Thunder 300 times and Celtic Woman 3 times, that seems like it would really de-values support of more closely related CW performers and and their work.
- We could start differentiating related-vs-unrelated content based on someone's reason for attending a show or buying an album/DVD. For example, if I buy an obscure album Méav was on because Méav was in Celtic Woman, it's a "related" album, but if I buy a High Kings album because I like the High Kings, that's not related? That introduces problems associated with subjectivity.
- Does every Secret Garden album that contains a song that Celtic Woman eventually performed count as Celtic Woman related too, because Secret Garden is the source of a lot of Celtic Woman's best songs? I think no.

In the thread about CD / DVD collections, I've tried to differentiate a little between primary works and "fringe" works (http://www.celticwomanforum.net/index.php?topic=371.msg867#msg867). Essentially, there's a distinction between the works an artist contributed significantly (especially albums/DVDs they released on their own, or in a large number of tracks such as Celtic Heart) vs works where the CW-related artist only appears in a few tracks. But even that isn't a sufficient way to classify some of these items. Also, using the "fringe" distinction for CW-related shows doesn't work well: getting to some of those shows is tough and travelling to them is expensive. That should count for something.

I've rambled enough.

What are your thoughts?
calendar / Re: 2024-05-01 Celtic Woman (Grand Prairie, TX)
« Last post by LakersCeltics on October 01, 2023, 09:34:49 PM »
PBS tickets:

At the time I'm posting this, no M&G. But you may want to keep checking.
calendar / 2024-05-25 Celtic Woman (Colorado Springs, CO)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:40:47 PM »
May 25, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Pikes Peak Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

calendar / 2024-05-24 Celtic Woman (Grand Junction, CO)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:22:03 PM »
May 24, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
The Avalon Theatre
Grand Junction, Colorado

calendar / 2024-05-21 Celtic Woman (Las Vegas, NV)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:17:42 PM »
May 21, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Smith Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

calendar / 2024-05-19 Celtic Woman (Riverside, CA)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:10:42 PM »
May 19, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Fox Theatre
Riverside, California

calendar / 2024-05-18 Celtic Woman (Santa Ynez, CA)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:04:58 PM »
May 18, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Chumash Casino
Santa Ynez, California

calendar / 2024-05-17 Celtic Woman (Reno, NV)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 04:00:48 PM »
May 17, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Silver Legacy Resort Casino
Reno, Nevada

calendar / 2024-05-16 Celtic Woman (Boise, ID)
« Last post by Tracie on October 01, 2023, 03:54:44 PM »
May 16, 2024
Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary
Morrison Center
Boise, Idaho

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