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December 05, 2021, 11:06:13 AM

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Ancient Land / PBS -- Ancient Land
« on: August 17, 2021, 08:21:41 AM »
So last night (Monday), I noticed my local PBS station was playing the Ancient Land show.  Didn't know it was pledge week, but what the heck, watch it anyway.  Maybe they have a good deal on tickets for the upcoming tour.  (I already have tickets, but you never know).

Anyway, when they cut away to the pledge section, it was a recorded spiel for CELTIC THUNDER!  Hope you are enjoying the show; the guys will be here in a couple months, etc.

Postcards from Ireland / Prices
« on: May 06, 2021, 11:27:12 AM »
So I just bought a couple tickets for the show in Daytona Beach.  The CW tour site links to TicketMonster.  I paid $166 per ticket for 4th row.  I have tickets (from 2 years ago) for the show in St Pete, FL.  Those were (and still are) only $85 each.

Anyone else notice a discrepancy in price?

Chloe Agnew / March 28th show
« on: March 23, 2021, 05:13:15 PM »
Anyone going?

Mairead Nesbitt / April 1 show
« on: March 10, 2021, 03:53:15 PM »
So I was considering trying to go to Mairead's show in Tallahassee on April 1.  It's only a 4 hour drive, and $60 is OK for a ticket.  However, and maybe it's because I'm an old guy, I was having issues with the venue's web site.  I understand the whole "social distance" means certain seats are blocked off.  OK, where is my seat?  Their seat map doesn't seem to either allow you to pick your seat or show the "best available".  If I'm spending the time and money to go (and the legislature is in session so hotel rooms are nuts), I'd at least like a good seat.

Celebration: The 15th Anniversary Tour / On or Off?
« on: October 14, 2020, 03:46:10 PM »
So I have tickets for 2 shows (so far!) next year.  One is for a show that was postponed.  The other one I just bought.  One is local; one requires traveling.  If I'm going to travel, there's a second show I will go to.  Once you figure out the cost of a plane ticket, hotel, rental care, etc. the second show doesn't really cost that much.

I know the CW web site is listing shows.  But, on the other hand, Broadway is shut down until May 2021.

I tend to believe that IF the tour goes forward, there will NOT be any M&G's. 

My poll question is "Do you think there will be shows next year?"  Maybe the real question is what will happen with COVID, but this is a CW forum. 

Celebration: The 15th Anniversary Tour / 2021 Tour
« on: July 18, 2020, 07:57:16 PM »
So it appears most of the 2021 dates are now up.  I still had a ticket for one of this year's cancelled shows which I let roll over to 2021.  I started seeing if I could plan another road trip. 

I have always tried to buy thru PBS so I could get a M&G, especially since Chloe is touring with CW.  So far none of the PBS stations I checked with have anything listed on their web sites.  Yes, for most of them it's probably too early.

However, I'm also guessing that there will not be any M&G's next year due to COVID. 

At least I got a second row in St Pete, FL.  What's getting out of hand with the venues is not the ticket cost ($123.50), but the over $30 in added fees (handling, etc).

If Chloe was touring on her own again next year, I'd probably not travel to see a CW show.

Celtic Woman / What was your first show?
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:57:28 AM »
Since there isn't a lot going on right now, and I don't recall seeing this question asked before ...

What was the first Live show you went to?

For me, it was February 14, 2007 in Tampa, Florida.

Susan McFadden / Facebook Live 05/05/20
« on: May 05, 2020, 07:29:52 PM »
Watching part of Susan's Facebook Live caused me to remember one of my Susan stories.

Back in 2012, I was at the show at RCMH in NYC.  (OK, that was actually my 3rd show of the year).  Anyway, part of the show included CW's Tribute to Broadway (I Dream a Dream & Circle of Life).

A couple nights later, I was in Albany, NY, and I had a M&G.  This was the last year they did them after the show, and you got to meet 2 of the ladies -- you didn't know which ones.   That night it was Lisa and Susan. 

I said to Susan that she was really brave doing a Tribute to Broadway while (more or less) on Broadway.  She said that didn't bother her as much as the NYC show was the first CW show her parents saw her in.

Mairead N Photos & Graphics / Fiddler Crossing
« on: April 09, 2020, 02:28:59 PM »
Since I seem to have some spare time, I started going thru some old boxes/files/etc.  Found the attached.

Celebration: The 15th Anniversary Tour / Morgantown WV -- April 1
« on: January 28, 2020, 08:21:24 AM »
I was planning on going to see Chloe at Tybee Island (Savannah, GA) on March 28.  So, since I'm on the road, what else can I do?  MA is kind of a long drive, but what about Morgantown WV?  So no M&G (that I could find) but what do you know!  A front row, mostly center seat is available!!

So, Chloe on Saturday, then drive to Asheville NC to go thru the Biltmore with the Downton Abbey exhibit, then on to Morgantown!. 

That will be CW show #4 this year, plus 2 Chloe individual shows!

Chloe Agnew / Bluffton SC December 9
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:49:28 AM »
I ended up making a quick trip (6 hour drive) to Bluffton Monday night to see Chloe's show. It was scheduled back in October, but got postponed. 

Show was at a fairly small venue called The Roasting Room.  Maybe 60 people, but it was a sell-out.  There was a M&G so I got another photo to add to my collection, plus she signed one of her new CDs for a Christmas gift.

Chloe was her usual charming self, which is one of the main reasons I will still travel to see her.

The show was a mix of her normal songs (think her new CD) and a few Christmas songs.  She did Silent Night in Irish!!  One other highlight was Merry Christmas Darling.  If you close your eyes, you can hear a little bit of Karen Carpenter.  Great song.

Because (apparently) of school, the show didn't start until 8:00.  Not knowing where I was going, I got there too early.  The venue is on the second floor of a building.  There's an outside stair and a balcony.  I got to hear a bit of the sound check from there.  I got a "hi" from Chloe as she was leaving.  No intermission.  They do roll up the sidewalks in Bluffton at about 6. 

No Dermot.  A piano player and a fiddle player. 

Chloe Agnew / Tarpon Springs, FL
« on: October 28, 2019, 02:32:50 PM »
So I had tickets for the show Saturday night.  No M&G was done.  I also had tickets (w/M&G) for the Bluffton, SC show a week or so ago that got postponed.  Anyway, had hoped to run into Dermot in the lobby (he usually handles the merch table).  Nope -- some other lady from the venue was there.

Interesting that the program listed a 3 piece band with Chloe.  Keyboard, guitar, and fiddle.  No Dermot.  At the end of the show Chloe made a comment that lead me to believe Dermot was either sick/missed a flight.  She said she first met the keyboardist on Thursday (which was her show in Marco Island).  She said she met the other two guys "this" (Saturday) morning.  A few issues, but nothing that most people even noticed.

Chloe made a few changes to her show, like she usually does.  For example, she added Close to You by the Carpenters (god, I'm showing my age!).  Her encore was When Irish Eyes are Smiling.   And yes, she did Rattlin' Bog, plus her story about meeting someone at her songwriting class.  She did 2 of her own songs.

As usual, great show.  My biggest objection was the first row of seat (where I was) was a long way away from the stage.   Think of an orchestra pit being down (although there wasn't one).   Having said that, yes Chloe did acknowledge me.  This was, I think, my 8th Chloe show plus who knows how many CW /Lisa Kelly / M&G.

Chloe Agnew / Chloe & Lisa
« on: September 23, 2019, 09:49:44 AM »
So there was a thread from a while ago talking about your favorite Chloe photo.  This doesn't quite fit, because it's a Chloe AND Lisa photo.  I took the photo back in2011 on the Songs From the Heart Tour.  I think was the Orlando show.

Anyway, I went to the M&G at Lisa's concert this year and got both of them to sign it.

Chloe Agnew / Lakeland, GA
« on: April 01, 2019, 10:50:44 AM »
So I decided to go to Chloe's show Saturday night.  What the heck -- it's only a 4 hour drive.

I can't remember when I had such a good time.  The show itself was great (as always), but the M&G afterwards was the best one I have ever been to!

Lakeland is a small town where everyone seems to know everyone.  7 or 8 people came up to me and said "you aren't from around here, are you?"  This was said in a nice way.  People seemed amazed that I would drive that far to their little town to see a show.  Had lots of good conversations.

The M&G was held away from the venue.  One of the oldest families in town was the host.  They had a guest house on their property that Chloe and Dermot were staying in.  Attached to the guest house is a moderate size building where the M&G was held.  As a guess, it would hold about 100 people for a sit down dinner.  Couldn't have been more than 20 people at the M&G.  They had hors d'oeuvres; beer and wine. 

The best part is Chloe and Dermot spent at least an hour at the M&G (OK, it was actually called a VIP reception).  Lots of great pictures/conversation!

If they do this again next year, there's no way I'm missing it.

Ancient Land on Tour / Meet & Greet (Rant)
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:28:12 PM »
So I went to last night's show in St Petersburg, FL. 

Over the years I have been to 31 meet & greets.  This was 32 and will probably be the last one.  I know that a M&G is mostly a fund raiser for the local PBS station.  I'm OK with that.  I also tend to believe that CW would prefer NOT to have to do them at all. 

The early M&G's after the show were fun.  I get why they needed to move them to before the show.  In the case of last night, I know they have an 8 hour drive to the next venue.   A couple of years ago, I know at least one or two fans (Moscopoet?) met with PBS to kind of complain.  They "improved" for a while, but no more.

I have never this rushed before.  Yes, I was the last one thru.  OK, maybe start a couple minutes earlier?  I was only to get about 5 words to Mairead.  Couldn't say anything to anyone else because everyone kept saying "HURRY UP".

I've got lots of pictures.  Sure, I wanted one with Megan and I now have it (or should -- that's another issue).  As I said, the M&G's used to be fun.  When I went to Chloe's Christmas show last year, Lisa K remembered me!  And that had been a few years.  I don't expect to ever see that again.

Please note this is nothing against the girls.  I believe it's back to a corporate thing again.  Hey, if you don't want my money, OK I'll find someplace else to spend it!

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